About SCH

Sew Contented Handmade started in Darwin late in 2013 with the birth of my first child, Eva. I was so happy as a new mother and loving being at home, sewing for my new baby. I would often say I was, so contented. Not only was I happy being a mum I then realised the need to have flexible work hours that fit around babies. I didn't want to hurry back to be daily grind and not be present with my kids. 

I'm Adelle, mother to Eva (6) and Lachlan (4.5) and previously a teacher. Born in Northern NSW, the women in my family all sewed, knitted and crafted. I have worn handmade clothing all my life. Handmade represents love and care in my family. Handmade fashion did not always represent or follow a trend, these garments were made to be meaningful, practical and to withstand the test of time. Handmade pieces were handed from child to child

I love all things vintage, they carry with them a story. I sew with patterns, thimbles, spools and a sewing machine all passed down to me through the women in my family.

My garment range is inspired by my love of beautiful fabric and the Australian landscape. I want to create practical clothing for Aussie kids. My pieces are meant to be 'practical yet pretty' great for layering or on their own, for adventures or as your 'Sunday best'. My kids live in their handmade pieces. 

Pictured Eva and Lachlan wearing navy corduroy overalls and Mauve roses sleeved winter dress

My play mat range includes padded play mats and Lego storage bags or swoop bags. These pieces are inspired by the need for toy storage, kids have so many toys! Our family camps and travels a lot and so I started making waterproof mats from heavy duty fabrics that are practical and comfortable for indoor or outdoor use.

I hope you enjoy your handmade creations from Sew Contented and know that they come from a family who has always loved the joy of creating handmade. 


Little Hands 'helping'

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