Care & Sizing

Care Instructions 

Caring for handmade with love and care will keep them in top condition. We take no responsibility for garments who have not been treated as per our care instructions. 


All our garments are hand cut & made. They require special care when washing, drying and ironing. ALSO SEE CARE INSTRUCTIONS ON GARMENTS

It is best to 

  • Wash in cool water using mild detergent (without brighteners) Dilute detergent before garment is placed into water.
  • Handwash or place in a laundry bag to protect garment in washing machine (wash on a gentle cycle with like colours)
  • Best to hang indoors to dry (maintains colour) - this is very important for organic and linen garments 
  • Do not tumble dry, unless garment label instructs. 
  • Most of our garments can tolerate a cool to warm iron. Test the temperature of your iron before  ironing. Avoid elastics, snaps, buttons and other details, including labels. Use a cotton cloth to cover white/light coloured garments while ironing

SNAPS are attached using a commercial snap press & are tested throughly prior to your item shipping.  DO NOT iron snaps, they will melt. Do not rip at snaps. Place pressure behind each side to open. If a snap does come loose, a snap fastener is required to reattached.  

DO NOT SOAK WOODEN BUTTONS. Limit the amount of time the wooden buttons are in water. Colour will leach from buttons if left soaking wet. 

Avoid placing too much pressure on zippers. Best to close zippers before ironing so to not melt  

Playmats & swoop bags 

 The best way to care for your play mat or LEGO bag is to spot clean as required. If a full wash is required; you can either machine or handwash.

MACHINE-  Suggested to wash on its own, on the gentlest, short cycle, with the slowest spin. My machine that is a wool wash.

HANDWASH- your playmat in a bucket. Do not soak or rub too hard. Hand wring. Hang half way over the line or flat in the shade to preserve colour & finish.

Caution should be used when placing nylon surfaces on rough surfaces like concrete. Also near heat sources as fabric will melt. 

Do not tumble dry or iron play mat. 


Garment Sizing & Fit

Our sizing range is 0000-8.

We gladly quote larger or smaller sizes & custom fit garments.

Each product description has information regarding the items fit. 

We endeavour for our clothing to be true to size if not generous.. The best way to ensure fit is to measure your child’s chest measurement  then compare to the sizing charts on garment listings. 

If unsure size up or alternatively send us an email

Kids grow quickly and I love to think that your kids will get as much wear out of their handmade garments as possible. 




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